Upload Your Music

Put your personal library in the cloud
You're Done
Install the Uploader to upload your music library to the cloud and access it on your mobile devices. Songs immediately show up in the cloud. If download does not start automatically, click here.


Install and run the uploader
  • Save the Uploader
    From the Downloads dialog box: click Save.
  • Run the Uploader
    Open the Downloads folder, and double click on the file.
  • Start the Uploader
    Double click on the Music Hub icon.
Set up the Uploader
  • Sign In
    Sign in with your Samsung account.
  • Choose your music location
    Select which music you would like to upload (iTunes, Windows Media Player and/or any music folder on your computer).
Congratulations! You're done
  • Look for the taskbar icon
    When you've finished, a Music Hub icon will appear in your Menu Bar.
Check on Upload Status and Change settings
  • Click on taskbar icon
    Clicking on the taskbar icon will reveal status and menu options for Music Hub, including the option to alter your music location and settings.